Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Escape

Perfect Contrast to Dubai!
I'm back! Did you miss me?!  Nepal was wonderful.  Think complete relaxation in a forest hotel, with Kathmandu and the ancient city of Baktaphur just a short journey away.  This made for lots of book-reading, celebrity trash magazine reading, wine drinking and spa visits.  We even managed a day of full-on sunbathing, which was a surprise to us as the weather is usually rainy at this time of year.  Instead it was 32 degrees, sunny and blue skies!

As we didn't want to be accused of being boring layabouts we got involved in a forest walk at one point.  Well, I say walk, it was more like getting frog-marched over hill and down dale in a military fashion as if we were running from a forest fire...but despite being sure that death was moments away, we survived, and felt we'd really earned our restorative glasses of fizz once we were done.

Considering the bargain knock-down deal we got, we felt extremely smug about the whole thing, not to mention rested, peaceful and utterly relaxed.  I can't recommend Nepal enough!

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