Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nightmares in the Air

If the plane crashes, please let Jack rescue me..

Those who know me well have grown used to a peculiarity about me: I have the most vivid and unusual dreams.  On any given day these can range from the bizarre (being a donkey midwife) to the terrifying (being chased by an axe murdered through a forest, covered in blood.) Analyze that! 

My latest extreme dream: I'm on a plane, and it's crashing.

By this I mean nose-diving, at speed.  I can literally feel the g-force pulling me downwards, and that weird 'roller-coaster' feeling in my tummy when you're dropping from a great height. To make matters worse, I'm sat right at the front of the plane, and the cockpit door is open.  So I can see the ground as we plummet towards it.  Now, horrific as this sounds, this isn't that unusual for me, being in a plane crash is a recurring nightmare of mine - aren't I lucky! (N.B The alleged meaning of this is here. I'm saying nothing!)

What made this dream much, much worse, was that when I woke up...I WAS ON A PLANE.  Yep, I had this beauty whilst on the flight to Nepal.  Thank you universe! I woke up in a cold sweat and blind panic, the situation made worse (if it possibly could get any worse!) by the fact that a) you're not allowed to drink alcohol on Air Arabia flights b) the duty free purchases were in the overhead locker so I couldn't sneak them open if I'd wanted to.

I did calm down after a few minutes of chat, and after ten minutes of reading Piers Morgan's latest celebrity book, I was almost back to normal.

But really, it's put me right off attempting to sleep on planes ever again....

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