Wednesday, April 27, 2011

United Nations

If only I had some of these spare..
One of the beautiful things about Dubai is that if you need something fixed or sorted in your home, there's a myriad of handymen available at very reasonable prices who can help.  No more wasting our precious evenings or weekends with DIY chores, or depending on the kindness of friends to sort these tasks for you.

I saved up a variety of crucial jobs (AC servicing, shelves to be put up,  holes to be filled, beautiful Arabic graffiti to be hung) and called a repair service.  I've used them before and they've always been super professional and lovely.  This time was no different.

At the agreed time (no mean feat in Dubai) I opened my front door to a trio of smiling faced young men, who duly took off their shoes, and marched into my apartment, brandishing my list of jobs. Refusing my offers of water, they set to work with vigour. For a couple of hours they busily drilled, fixed and filled, cleaning as they went.  Eventually they finished, sidled over to me shyly and finally decided to engage me in chat that wasn't DIY related.

"Water now madam?" they asked.  We stood in companionable silence as they slurped the cold water and we all looked out at my (beautiful) sea view. I prepared myself for more questions (the usuals being: are you married/do you live here alone/how long have you lived here.)

Instead the boy tackled the real issue of the moment, on the minds of people the world over: "You will be watching the Royal Wedding madam?". "Oh yes, of course!" I responded.  "Us too!" he giggled, with a smile that could probably be seen from space. 

I'm not much of a Royalist,but it does tickle me to think of the lovely DIY boys with their feet up watching the show on Friday.  God bless the Queen!

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