Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Great British Grub

What's not to love?!
Those who know me well know that I usually eschew most things British here in Dubai. With the exception of one very cute pub, I can't stand the usual haunts where Brits congregate, brunch, get drunk and occasionally fight (I've thankfully never witnessed this but was told about it by a friend of a friend the other night. Horrific).  If I wanted to do that, I'd head to Wetherspoon's on Market Street in Manchester.  Really, what's the point?

But last night that all changed.  There's a great buffet restaurant here, which for the sum of about 30 quid, serves up an enormous spread of food, with free flowing wine.  Each night of the week has a different theme; Indian, Italian, Seafood....I'm not a big fan of stuffing myself stupid (no, really, I'm not!) so I've only ever been a couple of times.  But one night in particular caught my eye....British night.  We decided, for one night only, to embrace all things British...and it didn't disappoint. 

The usual suspects were there: fish and chips, mushy peas, cottage pie, roast beef, lamb, duck and chicken, Yorkshire puddings (divine) and gravy by the bucketload.  And British food is clearly more popular than you might think, the restaurant was packed with all nationalities; Italian ladies were all over the beef and a chinese couple ladled on the mushy peas with gusto.  We stuffed ourselves to the point of immobility and left happy and full as bananas.  It's not something I'd do every week as I just can't stand to eat that much, but the Indian night is tempting me...maybe it's a monthly thing....

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Michael Taylor said...

Wetherspoons? Market Street? You have been away. It's Picadilly by the time you get to that end of Scally Alley!