Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Into the 21st Century!

ipad in bed...yes please!

I'll come straight out and say it: I'm not a massive lover of technology. I like my phone to be a phone, not a camera, not a laptop.  I like a book to be made of paper, not plastic.   I couldn't care less if my tv was never connected to the outside world again.  In my day to day life I'm so overwhelmed and immersed in technology (blackberry, email, vc's and the like) that when I get home I breathe a sigh of relief and switch as many connections off as possible.

That was until June 16th......and my (ahem) 25th birthday. In addition to the myriad of amazingly thoughtful gifts from friends and family around the world there was one particularly future-forward present: a brand new shiny iPad 2.  Yes, you heard right. The girl who still likes to write notes in a paper notebook and uses a hardback Paperchase diary, opened possibly the most amazingly advanced present in the whole wide world.

And what do I think of it? Well, after regarding it like a pig staring at a wristwatch for quite some time, let me tell you dear readers, it has changed my life. I'm not exaggerating when I say its the best thing EVER!

Why? Well aside from the obvious (easy Internet access, Skype wherever in the world I am - and with my travel schedule from now until November, this is pretty crucial - it fits so perfectly and easily into my handbag.....) it has also solved one of my biggest recent dilemmas: should I by a Kindle.

The answer is no - you can download a Kindle app and it comes with ibooks as standard.  I've already downloaded a host of bonk-busters to read on the plane to Beirut tomorrow.  It's never ever going to replace real books, but it's just perf for travelling.  And don't get me started on Vogue, Time, People, Elle and every other magazine you've ever known and loved.  A-mazing.

Evenings on the purple velvet chaise longue have already been transformed, not to mention that 13 hour flight to Toronto next month.  Best. Present. Ever.


Mrs Dubai said...

OMG you're making me want one. Tell me, are you an Apple girl? Do you have an iPhone and use an Apple? Is it easy for a PC person to use the iPad?

Britney of Arabia said...

I had a Mac about 6 years ago, no iPhone. The iPad is WAY better than the phone....huge in comparison. You honestly need one! I am getting to grips with it and still a bit slow but LOVE it!