Thursday, June 09, 2011

Three Year Anniversary

How many more?
Honestly can't believe that it's been three years since I arrived in Dubai.

Here's my very first post.

And my first day at work.

I think you can smell the excitement and glee that was present in my first few weeks.  There's no denying that Dubai got worse for me before it got better (about nine months after I arrived, yay).....enough said.

But I'm so happy that the very initial giddiness that I felt (three days in and I wrote: "It's the weirdest sensation being here. It feels like home already") has embraced and enveloped me to the point where I'm overwhelmed with love for my new home, on a daily basis.  Dubai, thank you for having me.


FooDiva said...

Hey Kelly. Just came across your blog. Love it, and have added it to FooDiva's faves! x

Britney of Arabia said...

thank you!!! xxxx