Thursday, June 12, 2008

The First Post...

Well, where do I start? My first few days in Dubai have been action-packed to say the least. One day was spent driving around getting my bearings (never again will i curse Manchester drivers for minor incidents like not using indicators, driving here is a real treat!) and yesterday I had a delightful morning meeting some Dubai ladies.

I jumped a cab (these are everywhere, and to give you an idea of prices, a two way journey , 20 mins each way, cost me £7) to Festival Village. It's not a village, more a mall, by the water, with a very swish M and S, and even Ikea!
For some reason it tickles me to see global brands out here, with the Arabic version alongside. Arabic writing is truly beautiful, very graceful and elegant. But bears little relation to the original brand logo. I like the idea of creative directors having sweated for hours over font size, and colour, only to see it completely transformed here.

Anyway: Dubai ladies - very welcoming and friendly and so many top tips that at one point I had to write notes! Followed that up with a lounge by the pool (well, I don't want to completely overdo it.) Building work is everywhere, and I can see how it might be annoying if you had come here for a holiday and then discovered that your hotel was in the midst of it. But as a city girl I remain completely unfazed by building work and noise as I lie by the pool. I mean, it's a pool! On my roof!
If you've ever been to the Gansevort Hotel in New York you'll get what I mean. It was the pool in Sex and the City where Samantha and Richard have a naked swim. Surrounded by traffic and noise - but it's a pool!

First work meeting today, great agency, clients and people. It seemed strange putting on corporate clothes in 35 degree heat - the merest sniff of sunshine back home and everyone strips off immediately! I was channelling Carrie Bradshaw and her pink pinstripe shirt/waistcoat combo, thankfully I hailed a cab within minutes to avoid the drenched look.

Off to use the gym and pool, and then flat hunting tonight. It's the weirdest sensation being here. It feels like home already, only without my home comforts of friends and family. Hurry up and get here people!

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