Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mall of Exhaustion

As the boy only gets one day off a week (!) I took myself of to the Mall of the Emirates today. Hailed a cab right from the front door and set off. I think the trip was £3. Sorry if I am obsessed by how cheap the cabs are!
The Mall is as you would expect: flash, fast and fun. You could almost be anywhere in the world given the amount of international brands there. Harvey Nichols is divine, huge and has some gorgeous designers (Manchester branch, please take note).
Oh and it has a ski slope! Completely outrageous and I love it.
You're reminded that you're in Dubai by the traditional dress all around you, and at 4,45, a call to prayer rang out! I find it really relaxing and quite hypnotic. It didn't distract me from shopping though.
A minor issue in Carrefour: after muntering around for hours choosing bath towels (well, they have to be just right), and staggering up to the tills, I was told that they wouldn't accept my HSBC card. I had to run to a cashpoint with the nice Indian man who had packed my bags for me. This would have embarrassed me back in England but here I couldn't care less!
I decided to quit whilst I was ahead and caught another taxi home. Just in time to finish a book by the pool before dinner. How will I ever find time to work?!

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