Friday, June 13, 2008

Jumeirah Means Beautiful... just one of the fascinating facts I learnt today on an open top bus tour of Dubai. Yes, like mad dogs and englishmen we braved 45 degree plus heat and set off to explore our new home. Some other facts:

Madinat means 'city'

Souk means 'market'

Burj means 'tower'

Men get very grumpy when it is hot and they are wearing shorts made of synthetic fibres.
Women get on with things despite the heat, all the while feeling smug that they are wearing a loose-fitting kaftan dress.

We literally left no Dubai stone unturned, from the flash streets of Jumeirah with their luxury villas, to the hustle and bustle and old school vibe of the creek. The most amazing place.
We watched as piles and piles of goods arrived, everything from microwaves to washing machines. These, we were told, can sit for days at the side of the creek waiting to be delivered to new homes. Not one item ever gets stolen. Can you imagine this happening in dear old Manchester? The stuff would be gone before you could say 'scally'.That's one of the most refreshing things about Dubai. I feel completely and utterly safe.

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