Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Can Take the Girl Out of Manchester

I had a whole evening to myself last night, for the first time since I arrived in Dubai two weeks ago. For those with live in lovers/flatmates , this may not seem like anything to write home about. But as someone who has lived on their own for the best part of 11 years (and yes I did have a cat, but no spinster jokes, please) and loved every minute of it, a night in, alone, is the ultimate treat for me.

After a godawful hour getting home from work (despite the actual distance from home to office being half a mile at most) I wasn’t really ready for anything too crazy - had a very pleasant dinner on the balcony, caught up on world news on the internet, and then began my most favourite SSB (Secret Single Behavior), Fake Tanning.

Yes, I may be in one of the most cospopolitan cities on earth – where they actually sell skin bleaching kits next to the fake tan in the shops – but nothing was going to stop me from applying my Manchester Sunshine.

Jordan once described herself and Peter when in bed as:”looking like a couple of hotdogs” due to their excessive application of fake tan. Well I went to bed one very happy hotdog! You can’t buy class. But you can buy fake tan. (4.99 a can from M and S.)

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