Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One Thing I Won't Miss

Another day, another nightmare journey on Virgin Trains. Some poor soul saw fit to throw themselves under a train just outside of Euston, throwing the whole network into disarray and all trains out of London to be cancelled. It took a staggering 6 hours to get back to Manchester. Via Sheffield.
The latter part of the journey saw a delightful family enter our carriage. No older than 16, dressed in matching tracksuits, laden with Elizabeth Duke jewellery, the parents fed the kids fizzy pop and packets of digestive biscuits (using an interesting technique where the biscuit was shoved whole, into the mouth, and then shown to fellow passengers. A delight!) No wonder the little darlings then went completely beserk: screaming, shouting, hanging off the chairs. Sara, thankfully for her, slept through most of the ordeal (how, is she deaf?!)

I shall not shed a tear to say goodbye to Virgin Trains, nor certain members of the great unwashed British public.

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haidari said...

I've learnt my sleeping techniques from the best Harvarde... just minus the drool or sleep talking!