Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Year of Fabulosity

Me, this birthday weekend?
It's my birthday tomorrow.  Eek!  After this one I'm counting backwards.  Cannot believe that it's my FOURTH birthday in Dubai.

I don't think I blogged about my first one (there wasn't much of note to write about. I'd only been in Dubai a week.)

My second birthday is here. Favourite quote: "I have a great job, lovely home, and exciting travel plans. But most importantly, I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a group of gorgeous friends who make me laugh til I cry pretty much every day."

My third is here.  Favourite quote: "Dinner and drinks with my lovely friends closely followed by mayhem at the weekend."  I'd moved into the new pad just a few days before the day.

Yes I know, this is lazy blogging, but a) I'm extremely busy this week, and b) I do think that this is part of the joy of a blog: being able to nip back to a point in time, significant or not, and see how you were feeling and what you were up to.

The main theme has been that each birthday and year has seen me happier and more in love with Dubai.  A constant is that I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  Thank you desert and UK families for filling my life with laughter and very deep joy.  Now where did I put that number for the one stitch facelift doctor?!

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Michael Taylor said...

Happy birthday Kelly. Keep on blogging, it's a fascinating read. Great insights into life in the Middle East.