Monday, June 15, 2009

Another year....?

On the eve of my (ahem) 25th birthday, it's a time for reflection about the year past, and what lies ahead. Tosh - I'm not feeling remotely morbid about my impending ageing at all!
It's been one amazing year. Last birthday I didn't know a soul here having just landed and spent my day muntering around having lunch and spa-ing. (I cottoned on pretty early that this was going to be a favourite past time here.) Fast forward a year and I have a great job, lovely home, and exciting travel plans. But most importantly, I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a group of gorgeous friends who make me laugh til I cry pretty much every day.
The only blot on the landscape? The equally gorgeous friends and family who I left in the UK.
You all know who you are. Thanks to everyone for making the last twelve months such an amazing experience. I'll be celebrating with you all, in many different ways, in the next few months. Nothing like dragging out a celebration I say. Maggie Doyle had at least 12 celebrations for her fortieth. Not that I'm turning 40, mind. Honest!

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Anonymous said...

Oh hi, just to wish you a Happy Birthday and may the years ahead be blessed all the way.