Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Britain: Toughen Up!

It's summertime, it's Wimbledon, which can mean only one thing: Britain's obsession with the weather is at fever pitch. Usually it pees down each year - it's as if the weather gods can smell the lemon barley water and strawberries being opened, and then unleash rain, rain and more rain. To help keep the weather at bay, they've actually put a roof over centre court this year. a good idea, I mused.

So I was tickled to see that the first time that the roof was used this year was to....keep the sun off the court?! Yes, as temperatures rose to a 'staggering' 92 degrees, it all became too much. My favourite part of the Daily Mail's coverage was an ambulance man's response to those with heatstroke: 'They probably got up too early, didn't have enough breakfast, and then got over-excited in the hot sun.'

Over-excitement in the sun eh, whatever next.

92 degrees Fahrenheit = 33 degrees Celsius. It's 40 degrees Celsius on my balcony at 8 am i the morning. TOUGHEN UP BRITAIN!!!!

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