Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tennis Fever

I watched Tim Henman on Jonathan Ross last night. I'm the first to admit I always thought he was a bit of a drip, but I was pleasantly surprised. And not just by his personality (surprisingly witty) - I think as a nation we got used to a bit of 'Tim-bashing', so I'd also completely underestimated just how good a player he was. He reached the Wimbledon semis four times. And was in the world's top 5 players for 6 years.

Having seen the world's current crop of best players up close and personal (ah, the joys of a tennis client), seeing how hard they work and train, I've a new found respect for dear old Tim. He now spends his time commentating on Wimbledon. As he put it, I work 2 weeks of the year and do what I want for the other 50. You can't really argue with that!

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