Sunday, June 28, 2009

Island Life: News Moves Slowly

Had worrying text from my dad last night - apparently a house on our road burnt to the ground on Friday morning. House completely gutted, and as well as the fire there was also a huge explosion. Cause undiagnosed as yet.
Obviously I logged straight onto the Jersey Evening Post website to hear all the news. Nothing. Then I checked the BBC Jersey news website, but nothing there either.

Perhaps you say, it was a very busy news day and the house explosion was pushed off the news agenda by another bigger story? Well, here's a selection of other stories on the news sites:

New signs at the airport
Museum COULD close
Holidaymaker gets kiss of life at hotel
Two mothers want hot meals at their kids' school
Rocks near a car park COULD fall off

Hardly the stuff of a front page scoop, non? Bless dear old Jersey. I'll keep checking the JEP website but I don't hold out much hope for it being updated any time soon...

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