Sunday, June 28, 2009

The King is Dead....

I'm sure I'm the nine millionth person to blog about this - but it seemed a bit wrong to let Michael Jackson's death pass without any comment at all. In recent years he'd behaved so freakishly that I'd lost all respect for him - and the less said about the kiddy fiddling the better. Suffice to say - there was a LOT of evidence against him. If he'd have been an ordinary person living at the end of your street, would he have been acquitted?
So when I saw the BBC's montage of his stage performances, it was a pleasant trip down memory lane. He was a legend. Just a terrible shame how he destroyed himself in the last years of his life.
As an aside - I was fast asleep when the news broke. Who told me about it? My dad. Yes my dad's finger is more on the pulse of popular culture than mine.

My favourite MJ track: Wanna be starting something.

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