Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Do You Do It?

Many years ago I read the amazing book: "I don't know how she does it" by Allison Pearson.  It's basically the story of a working mum, the ups, the downs, the joys and downright pain of bringing home the bacon whilst bringing up a  family.  It's laugh out loud funny and if you haven't read it, I really recommend that you do.  I've just discovered that it's been made into a film featuring none other than SJP...

Anyway, the reason for me telling you about this is....

I live in awe of my friends with children.  I've watched their battles with sleep deprivation, their years without holidays, struggles to re-claim their post-baby lives..and regularly thought: I don't know how they do it.  And yesterday I had another insight into what parents have to face when I accompanied one of my closest friends through a hospital visit and procedure: Parents have to deal with their children getting sick. 

Let's be clear, I wasn't the one having the op, so my darling friend was the brave one who had to deal with the stress, pain and trauma.  But the whole experience, from the initial check in, to sitting on the bed telling jokes to keep spirits up, to watching her get wheeled away on the trolley, was extremely tough.  The hour whilst I waited for her to come out of theatre was possibly the longest of my life. 

Parents: how the hell do you do it?

Postscript: Lovely friend is on the mend.  My nerves and heart strings are still frayed.

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