Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I Love Ramadan: Great Food with Great Friends

So beautiful!
Much has been written about the fabulous and grandiose iftars that take place all over the city during Ramadan. I haven't indulged in any of these this year: they're a bit like a giant brunch with heaps of food (only without the beer swilling contingent - and that's just the girls), which can be a bit overwhelming when you're not a giant scoffer.  But last night I was very kindly invited to one of the best by my dear friend JT.  The Asateer tent at the Atlantis Hotel is legendary in the city due to its beautiful decor, atmosphere and great food.

The tent is every bit as fabulous as you might imagine, beautiful drapes, stunning lights, soft furnishings to die for...and oh, the food! Utterly scrumptious.  After three plates of savouries and desserts (and I NEVER eat desserts) I was bit to burst.  And reminded why I so rarely brunch.  I was almost rolled out of the taxi when I reached Downtown.

Still, you can't beat a catch up with great friends over food - a sentiment which resonates throughout Ramadan and was certainly in evidence at Asateer last night.  Ramadan, I shall miss you.  My waistline shall not.

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