Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Melting Pot

One of the things that I love abut Dubai is the diversity of people that you meet. Last night after work I nipped down to the pool for a swim. There’s getting to be quite a nice community feel to the place, families are moving in (a work colleague has just moved in with his wife, two children, and two cats!) and as I left the gym the other night another colleague was on his balcony with a beer.

So, last night, at the pool, there was a German guy sat in the sun with is laptop, a Taiwanese family teaching their young son how to swim (cute!) and a French family playing in the kids’ area.

At work my colleagues are from (in no particular order): Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, India, Toronto, Germany, Singapore and Saudi. That’s just the PR team – the advertising guys are from even more far-flung places. Oh, and there’s a Manc and a couple of Brummies too.

It’s very multi-cultural and completely fascinating chatting to people about where they’re from, their customs, beliefs, (religious and just generally!). There were exclamations of horror that I had never heard of ‘Hardees’ – a fast-food place here that everyone loves. Likewise I have enjoyed explaining the word ‘munter’ (this defies translation and is still a mystery to my team.) It’s all about the sharing of information, people!

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