Tuesday, September 09, 2008


When I lived in Manchester I used to love nipping up to the penthouse in my apartment building – the view was amazing. As that building was only 5 stories high, you can imagine the view from the 13th floor of my apartment block here in Dubai!

It does feel very high up, and for someone with vertigo, this makes any sort of balcony activity a bit tricky. One thing which I hadn’t considered until yesterday was: what do you do if the lifts break? As we have 3, I didn’t think that this would ever be a real issue. So imagine my horror when this morning I was greeted by 3 lifts, all working, but with water pouring into them and out of them each time the doors opened (think the scene in The Shining when the lift door opens into the hotel lobby, only with water, not blood.)

I was then faced with a choice – brave the wet lifts, or go down 12 flights of stairs. Thankfully I had flip flops in my handbag so the stairs didn’t have to be braved in red patent heels. Point to note: climbing down 13 flights of stairs in flip-flops will render you incapable of moving for the next day. You will have to roll out of bed on your hands and knees and stand up like an old woman. And you will only be able to walk by keeping your legs completely straight. Not a good look.

Thankfully, they have now fixed the lifts.

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