Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reading Material

Before I came to Dubai I worried abut being able to find my home comforts here. I’m not particularly attached to English brands but I cannot and will not live without Twiglets! I’m happy to report that most food stuff can be found here (we shall see about iced mince pies closer to the festive season!).

One thing which you can buy, but at a very inflated price, is books. A simple paperback can be anywhere from 10-15 quid, a little excessive in my opinion, especially when I read at least a book a week. I’ve started swapping books with friends but was really struggling to feed my voracious book habit.

That was until I was tipped off about an amazing little second hand bookshop in Satwa. Satwa is an amazing part of Dubai – nicknamed ‘old Dubai’ or the ‘real Dubai’ it’s a bit like going back in time. Lots of older buildings which are in real contrast to the skyscrapers in the background, and enormous J-Lo sized villas behind it. The bookshop had everything from health/self-help to travel and trash – heaven! I snaffled up a recent Tony Parsons, and a variety of New York themed novels. All for a couple of quid each. And the really fab part is that if you take the books back once you have finished, they’ll swap them for more or give you half of your money back! Providing they’re not too dog-eared, of course.

A bargain in Dubai, I like it!

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