Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I ‘Heart’ about Dubai

Things that I have seen or experienced recently which made me smile:

A peacock sitting behind my car at a beach club
Long legged /long-beaked birds on the grass on a busy roundabout Buying frozen butternut squash in my local supermarket
Knowing what the weather will be like, every day – and it’s always great
Having dinner outside, by the creek, at night
Looking back at the city at dusk from the beach – beautiful. And very twinkly!
Never having to worry about leaving anything, however insignificant, in my car, for fear of it being broken into
Walking home from a night out without ever looking over your shoulder
The complete absence of any scallies
Hearing the ‘call to prayer’ coming from the mosque when sitting on the beach
Watching a sea plane land yards away from my sun lounger
I have all my clothes and super-king bed sheets ironed for pennies
I can fill the car up for less than six quid
A massage at the local spa is 7 quid

I’m sure there will be more as time goes on, and I’ll keep you updated. Coming soon: things I miss about dear old Blighty.

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