Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biblical Weather…..

Whilst I know that the weather has been pretty cold and unpleasant in England (hey, what’s unusual about that in Manchester) it wasn’t often that we encountered giant hailstones. So imagine my surprise when I was rudely interrupted from watching the Wire (that needs a whole separate post) by an enormous thunderstorm, with hailstones rattling against the windows and onto the balcony!

I did venture out onto the balcony for a proper look – and interestingly most of the development where I live had had the same idea – all the balconies were packed – but had to bit a hasty retreat back inside such was the velocity of the icy blighters.

We’re in the desert – how is hail even possible? (If you know some sort of scientist boffin answer please don’t share.) I have been assured that no, this weather is not usual for Dubai, and have also been regaled with stories of the time that it “didn’t rain for five years”. Hmmmm. I’d really like the sun to come out now so that I can get back into the usual weekend routine of pool and beach. I’m sure it’s a lament of many people who live in hot countries – but you do realize that there really isn’t much to do here when the weather is bad. Actually scratch that, I’m sure there are hot countries where you can do something other than go to a mall!

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