Monday, January 05, 2009

What Have You Missed?

December in Manchester means only one thing: a whirl of parties and events and gereal drinking and socializing. December in Dubai was a little different – mainly work with the odd bit of socializing thrown in when I got the chance.

One event which we did get our best bib and tucker on for was the annual party at the Royal Meridien. This is a very fancy hotel - one of the older ones in the city. By old I mean over 5 years!

The boy was invited through work and got us some extra passes for friends. A very funny evening. We’d been advised to get scrubbed up and I was glad I’d popped an LBD on when we arrived – a glittering white carpet led us into a packed reception area where carol singers and an opera trio entertained the masses. My favourite part was watching the faces of the hotel staff – they were completely enraptured by it all. Very touching.

Quite possibly the world’s biggest buffet then ensued (thank god for stretchy fabric!) and we duly stuffed ourselves silly, washing it down with champagne, of course. Every now and again I wanted to pinch myself - we were sat outside, without jackets – in the middle of December – oh and it was nearly Christmas!

A great evening, topped off by getting into a taxi which had an interesting accessory – a resident black wig. We of course took great delight in trying this wig on, taking photos and also popping it onto the driver. Thankfully he was a very good natured chap and took it all in his stride. Crazy drunken English people, hey?


MancBoy said...

I want to see you in the wig

Michael Taylor said...

We don't have newspaper columns like this in Manchester.