Thursday, January 15, 2009

From Dire to Wire

I’ve banged on many times abut the state of the tv here. In a word: Dire. This means that people exchange dvd boxed sets with glee – anything to relieve the endless channel hopping. I’d heard the odd whisper about The Wire – and read about it on the Marple Leaf.

So when a friend here gave me the first series I was looking forward to it – but not quite restrained. Now I’m mid-way thrugh series two and I admit it – I’m hooked!

If you’re one of the 10 people left in the world that haven’t seen any of the show then click here. And then get hold of a series.

I’m just amazed that it’s taken me this long to discover it – the first series was broadcast in the states in 2000! It’s from the HBO stable (ah, SATC) but is about as far removed from Carrie and Co’s glamorous existence as you could ever imagine. It’s a cop show, yes, but much deeper than that. It has drama, grit and perhaps surprisingly, humour, in bucketloads. There’s five series in total so there’s still plenty to come. I don’t want it to end!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly ... I'm half way through Series 5 now. It gets better and better as the characters and storylines develop throughout each series. I can honestly say its my favourite TV drama series EVER. Is Billy watching it too? Phil (Sian says Hi xxx)