Sunday, February 01, 2009

Big Days

I've had a glut of UK birthdays this week, which are always tricky, what with Dubai having the oldest/most expensive/most unreliable postal system known to man. A colleague just spent the equivalent of 30 uk pounds to send a very small package to the UK.

I decided to send flowers (from the UK) which I know are lovely (well I hope I wouldn't choose duff ones!) but I do miss being able to look for personal gifts and presents for people.

I've decided to get around this with my mum by adopting the same policy as the Queen, who, of course, has a real birthday and an 'official' one. So when mum comes out here in March, we're going to celebrate properly. Again.

Mum, does this mean I can sing the 'camel version' of Happy Birthday to you again?!

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