Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where Did Winter Go?!

We appear to be in the middle of an unseasonable heatwave here in Dubai. After just one month of colder weather (during which it never dropped below 20 in the day time) it has suddenly cranked up to over 30 each day. Blazing sunshine, bright blue skies. This comes as great news to me, who loves the sunshine.
Yesterday, after attending a conference on food safety (not as dull as it sounds, actually) I couldn't get a cab outside the World Trade Centre, so I decided to walk to the nearest hotel. In typical Dubai fashion, it looked incredibly close, but wasn't. And it also wasn't completely simple to get to as there weren't pavements along the entire route.

But it was a very pleasant walk: balmy sunshine, a light breeze, gorgeous gardens and greenery to walk through, and the most amazing skyline glinting in the sunlight. Even a 20 minute queue for a taxi didn't dent my good mood. It's moments like that which replay in my mind when I'm having a particularly bad day.
Anyway, the weather is set to continue but friends and colleagues assure me that it is never usually this hot, this early in the year. I'll enjoy it whilst it lasts.

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