Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Break from the Norm

Did I mention that I've FINALLY booked a holiday? Yes, in 3 weeks time I shall be flying out to Sri Lanka - number one priority: bother baby elephants, number two, three, four and five priority: rest and do absolutely zero.

UAE labour law states that in your first year working in any job, you can't take ANY time off. Yes, you read correctly. Ironic as I can't imagine a time in your life when you are more in need of a break, Dubai's endless work work work culture means that you literally crawl home from work each night on your hands and knees.

I don't mean to sound churlish, I know that I am blessed to even be able to have the option to get away somewhere. But eight months solid work with no time off (and I don't count the UK trip in December as a holiday, it nearly killed me!) will really take it out of you.

Anyway, due to lots of weekend work (I knew it would eventually pay off) I have time to take. Bliss. I literally cannot wait!

For the record: the rumours are not true: yes, Dubai is only 4-5 hours away from the Maldives, but it is definitely NOT cheap to holiday there. One week will cost you approxmately 1.5-2k english pounds PER PERSON - which was more expensive than going from the UK. Ah, those Dubai rumours. Such a shame hardly any of them them are true.

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