Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jet Set...?

What a week that was. Dubai to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Barcelona to Paris, Paris to Dubai. I'm now sat at the airport about to board another flight, this time to Doha in Qatar. Make it stop!

Thankfully the main bulk of my travelling has been in business class. Now without wishing to be a travel snob, there is business class, and there is Emirates Business class. It beats the rest hands down! Amazing new planes, food to die for, and the comfiest hugest seats. KLM and Air France are trying but they just don't cut the mustard. And the Emirates Business Class lounge at Dubai's new terminal 3 has to be seen to be believed. It is enormous! And the food and drink (all complimentary of course) is reminiscent of a huge medieval banquet (in terms of size, not minging pig's heads etc.)

The highlight of what felt like a never ending journey back to Dubai from Barcelona (please can someone create a direct flight) was stopping off at Charles de Gaulle. Not for the French a boring wait for your flight. They have not only the usual yawn clothes shops, but fabulous food shops. I spent a very pleasant half an hour sniffing round a fine food establishment, and had rinsed over 100 quid before you could say 'gourmet'. Still, there are just no shops like that in Dubai so I really felt I had to take advantage of it. And of course, the champagne. Even Moet is over 100 quid here in Dubai!

One more day of travelling and then I'm home for a week. I've started fantasising about curling up in my own bed (scottie dog pyjamas on, of course.) Hopefully by then my eyes won't feel like they have permanent pieces of grit in them. Jet set? It doesn't feel like it!

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