Sunday, May 17, 2009

Canines Versus Felines

Had a lovely visitor this weekend in the shape of a small (well small-ish) hairy white dog called Lucy. Very cute, if a bit on the daft side.
It was a reminder just how easy cats are to look after! To be fair, maybe if you're living in a house with a garden, a dog is not such a big deal. But in an apartment this means visits outside four times a day for toilet trips..and as I am not a lover of dragging myself out of bed at 7 am each day, this was tough. And bless Lucy, nipping outside, even briefly, when it's 40 degrees can't be much fun when you have a heavy fur coat on.
Another way that cats triumph over dogs (and I'm not saying Lucy isn't razor sharp in the brain-box department) is that they can't be fooled easily. When I left the apartment, rather than letting her roam loose, I put her in the kitchen. This involved me throwing a toy camel (don't ask) into the kitchen each time, which Lucy bounded in after excitedly, tongue lolling, ears flapping. And each time I then whizzed the kitchen door closed, shouting:" sucker"! I must have done this 20 times over the weekend. Did she get wise to this trick? Did she hell.
Frank Harvarde would never have fallen for such a ruse. Mind you, if food was involved he might have shown an interest....

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