Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silence is Golden

Finally, some peace. Yes, the canine returned to its rightful owner last night. What was originally just a weekend visit turned into a 5 night/6 day extravaganza. She didn’t go without a fight. A work colleague came to pick her up (not her owner) which must have set her off on the wrong foot (or paw.) Anyway there was a performance of Oscar winning status: barking, howling, shrieking, refusing to move, (this was all outside my neighbour’s front door, great) culminating in her actually slipping the leash when we finally got outside.

Cue me chasing the beast round the outside of my apartment complex – looking good in my pyjamas (ironically, the ones with dogs on them.) After what can only be described as a wrestling session I finally got her in the car. I swear the concierge was stifling a laugh when I went back inside. I can’t really blame him, I have to say.
Dogs: love the little critters – but don’t want one of my own. Not until I have my enormous beach house in Malibu and I can turf the buggers out the back door for an exhausting run each day, that is…..

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