Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The News I've Been Waiting For

I read this story with much excitement today. Sleeping can help you lost weight! In this case I should be about 3 stone....I've always been a great sleeper, easily being able to crack out a good 12 hours on any given weekend. Since moving to Dubai I've definitely been sleeping less: I work longer hours so I get home much later so everything shifts a bit later, including bed time....and when it comes to the weekend, well I can't say I bound out of bed, but I'm up much, much earlier than I ever was back home. It's the lure of the sunshine, pool and beach that does it.
I'm hoping this new research means if I have a very long lie in this Friday, before the gargantuan brunch session we have planned, then all the food I stuff myself with will melt away....a girl can dream.

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