Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life's a Beach

Another weekend, another whirl of entertaining, and mainly, laughing like a hyena. The lovely Vikki took a trip over from Oman, and we did what girls do best. Gossiped, shopped, drank, the usual.

Way back in my murky youth, on a small island, far far away, we used to have beach nights every Thursday. Remember, people of Jersey? It was at a very dodgy club called Thackery's. I'm not sure what made it a beach night other than our outfits (not bikinis but much more casual than Jersey's usual dress code of jeans and shoes (if you're a boy.) ANYWAY I digress.

Against my better judgement we found ourselves at a beach night here in Dubai. This definitely had more of a beach theme - ten tonnes of sand on the dancefloor for starters (Note to self: tres hard to dance on uneven sandy dancefloor), and for mains, there were a lot of inflatable rubber rings etc being thrown about. No need for this. Yes, there may be photographic evidence of me perched on a rubber ring at Creamfields circa 2001, but I was young, I needed the money. Those days are behind me!

Anyway, I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in years. Musically we lurched from the hilarious (Club Tropicana) to the hideous (Nirvana) so it wasn't all plain sailing, but, overall, what a hoot! I'm still finding sand in my shoes.....

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