Monday, May 25, 2009

It Looks Like a...Cockroach?

The new Dubai metro system continues apace, with the driverless trains being tested every so often on the track next to my office. This causes much excitement for me, less so for my colleagues. It will be really interesting to se how it operates when it opens and how the people of Dubai (who love their cars) react to it. It has a start date of 09-09-09 (see what they did there) and they have certainly thrown it up at speed in the stretches that I see every day. There was, quite literally, nothing there when I first arrived, then giant 'struts' appeared, then the track was laid. Incredible really. Anyway, the collective verdict on these state-of-the-art stations on which no expense has been spared? They look like.....giant cockroaches. Ah well.

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