Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Back!

I’m back! Did you miss me? I had a quick jaunt back to Manchester last week – treat! The trip was characterized by a lot of champagne (40 quid a bottle rather than 40 quid a glass as it is in Dubai) and general catching up. I’m always struck by how I feel as if I’ve never been away, as soon as I arrive back in the city. A bit has changed – some shops have closed, some streets are being dug up (try getting around when most of Deansgate is closed) but other than that, it’s all scarily familiar. And the weird thing – as soon as I got back to Dubai - I felt exactly the same. I think it helps that I live in the moment and try to enjoy and embrace where I am – wherever that may be.

If you haven’t been to see Everyone’s a Winner at the Royal Exchange, then get down there before it finishes. Set in a bingo hall in Manchester (as the bingo queen this obviously caught my attention) it was hilarious and sad in equal measure. Sally Lindsay (of Corrie fame) did a great job in the main role, as did the rest of the cast. A real treat and had me reminiscing about many happy trips to the theatre. One of the things I really miss about Dubai.

I didn’t get to see nearly everyone that I wanted to, such is the nature of such a flying visit. And I was bedridden for two days after having some safari jabs – who knew that the side effects could be so horrific! Anyway, normal blogging service will resume shortly. Ta ta for now.

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