Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally, the World's Tallest Building Opens

The Burj opening has been reported to death – and not much of it positively in the international press, so I won’t go into too many details….what I will say is I WAS THERE! And RIGHT AT THE FRONT!

A bit of research and we discovered that the island where the opening ceremony was taking place was open to the public – when it was full, it was full. So somehow my gang managed to make it right to the front of the action – parachutists landing right next to us, Sheikh Mo sat to our left, fountains/fireworks, the Burj itself, all spitting distance.

One amazing night. There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. You’ve probably already gathered that I love living here, but that night I also felt proud to be here. Dubai haters, if you’d have been here, maybe, just maybe, you’d understand.

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