Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Great Start to the Week

Sundays are never going to fill my heart with joy (Sunday is our Monday folks!) as they mean it's back to the long daily grind in the office. So it was an absolute treat to come into work to an email from our lovely safari guide in the Masai Mara, Anderson.

I'm not quite sure how he has an email address - there was one computer in the camp, so maybe he hi-jacked that. It was a simple email hoping that we were ok and telling us how touched he was that we emailed the camp (we got in touch as soon as we returned to Dubai to say thank-you for such an awesome trip and how much Anderson had made our holiday).

It was a reminder (not that I really need one) that holidays are crucially important, not only to my physical and mental well-being, but also as a reinforcement of why I moved to Dubai - to be able to travel and explore 'this side' of the world. Next stop: a weekend in Cairo and a trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo. If anyone has any hotel recommendations, please do share...

Anyway, this morning's email took me right back to the Masai Mara and a very happy time. Thanks, Anderson.

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