Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYE Mayhem

Take four girls, add lots of fizz, friends, throw in some New Year’s excitement, and then let them all loose on the dancefloor on New Year’s Eve….the result is an NYE that goes down in history as the most hilarious ever….

After last year’s damp squib (NYE was ‘cancelled’ – don’t ask, and I had to work, in Abu Dhabi, the next day), I had vowed to really let my hair down this year. Cue the arrival of two UK friends, who flew in very shortly after the family had left. I’d forgotten how much fun it was co-habiting with girls – sorry boys, no pillow fights or naked wrestling, but lots of make-up bag sharing and clothes discussions. Safe to say we had many many wine fuelled ‘boys/fashion/make-up’ discussions.

And the pinnacle of all of this was NYE. I was feeling the pressure of having guests to entertain, and was torn between a local bar (cute venue, know the staff, always get looked after) or a giant club (huge dancefloor, always have a brilliant time, and have 100% hit rate). Both had their merits. A quick chat with the girls revealed that our main priority for the evening: dancing. So the club won hands down.

I can’t share too many details with you (what happens on NYE, stays on NYE) but suffice to say I am still laughing about it now. I actually burst out laughing on the cross-trainer in the gym yesterday. The gift that keeps on giving…

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