Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oman Bound

The last week has been quite a shocker, as I'm sure you've realised. It hasn't helped that work has been utterly manic (too many clients, too much new business, not enough time - the usual agency problem) so I've ended each day feeling like I've been in a washing machine. So it is with a spring in my step and a song in my heart that I'm heading off to Oman for a long weekend today. The lovely Vikki has lived there for a year and shamefully I've never made it over to see her. To be fair, Oman isn't exactly happening, and Vikki has always been like a rat up a drainpipe where Dubai is concerned.

We're staying here (see, I can do rustic!)which is pretty handy as a) it's right next to the gorgeous Shangri-la, and b) I've been informed that a large boatful or marines is moored nearby. Apparently the boys like nothing more after a hard day's work (doing....what do marines do??) than stripping to the waist and heading to our very beach for a game of volleyball. I can think of worse ways to recuperate from a near-death experience than sipping wine on a sun-lounger and watching that view. Full report to follow.

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