Monday, January 04, 2010

Give it a Rest!

The Burj Dubai opens later today, and with it comes the inevitable Dubai bashing from the UK media. Give it a rest will you! i don't know why I expect t he daily mail to report anything other than a load of garbage but my heart still fell when I read this.

Then there was this in The Times.

I've been lucky enough to live and work next to the beast for almost the last two years - and I've posted before about what an amazing spectacle it is. I'm in a frenzy of excitement about the opening and will be heading down there with friends later. Full report to follow. In the meantime: don't believe anything that you read about this building. It's magnificent. And was built in under 6 years. You couldn't get a conservator on the back of a semi-detached in the UK in that time!

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