Friday, March 12, 2010

Caught in the Act

Far be it from me to a) bring this blog down to nothing more than a musing over celebrity news stories and b) reveal my guilty secret celebrity obsessions…..but I do have to share my disappointment over the Mark Owen revelations.

I’ve loved Take That since I was a teenager (who else remembers the dance routines we carefully practiced in the sixth form centre…Lauren?? Catherine??) and was beside myself when they reformed. The first time we saw them back together in Manchester was a beautiful, and, I’ll admit, drunken, night of absolute hysteria. I’m not ashamed to say that Lauren, Adam and I sobbed tears of joy throughout most of it (did I mention the word drunk?!)

Look, I’m not stupid, I’m not naive, I know men (and women, but mainly men, I’ll wager) cheat. Not just the famous ones either – we’ve all, sadly, had first hand experience of this. It’s just that…well….Mark seemed like one of the good ones. Yes he played up his ‘cheeky chappy’ persona, but I did see him with his then girlfriend, now wife, when they were in Manchester, and she was heavily pregnant. They looked the picture of happiness.

I’ll chalk this one up along with Vernon Kay, David Beckham and all the other philandering celebs who have been caught with their pants down. Shame on you.

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