Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Soul of Discretion

I'm reading the book La Petite Anglaise at the moment.  If you're not aware of it, it's a book written by an eponymous blogger...in a nutshell: English girl moves to Paris, falls in  love with French bloke (Mr Frog) has a baby (Tadpole), becomes disatisified with life, embarks on affair. The interesting part is that throughout the eperience, she was writing her blog.  As her real self.  Her fella, Mr Frog, even knew about her blog, but never read it.

It's been making me ponder about my blog, and self-censorship.  Hers was completely anonymous, no-one knew who she was (apart from her 'couldn't be bothered to read it' fella), so she could chronicle her life's ups and downs in a very open way. 

I started mine as a way of updating friends and family whilst away from home, and as I was going through some momentous life changes ie leaving the UK, it seemed like a good way to do it.  I've always kept my really private life out of the blog, preferring to keep my dirty laundry private and operate some level of self-censorship.  I like it that way.

But reading La Petite Anglaise, I did have a hankering to really let rip about everything that's been going on since I moved here.....there's a lot more to tell than you're reading here!  Discussed this with a couple of friends who also blog in the same way that I do and we all felt the same.

Maybe time for a completely anonmyous and more scandal filled blog?  Who knows.....


MrDarcy said...

Dish the dirt! Lee has no idea who you are but enjoys your blog so why not :)

Mrs Dubai said...

oooh, dish the dirt!! Maybe you'll have to start an anonymous blog so you can really say what's going on... but then the problem is, if it's anonymous, how do you publicise it without people knowing it's yours? How do you get readers?

I love your blog either way. Please don't stop!

KH said...

It's a toughie isn't it - I'm really not sure how Petite Anglaise's got so popular, we have just as many interesting stories to tell as she did!