Friday, March 12, 2010

Men in Tight Trousers

Last weekend saw us get round to something we've been trying to sort for two years: polo. This might sound ridiculous but due to the heat the polo season is actually only four months long..and when you have a very busy weekend schedule it's just not always feasible to fit in everything that you want to.

The lovely Melissa had just arrived in Dubai (she’s here to help Dubai World sort out their problems, as, it seems, are half of London’s legal people) so it was perfect timing to showcase the best of Dubai during her first weekend.

The polo club is a short drive out of the city near a large residential development called Arabian Ranches. It’s a compound situation – no-one gets in or out without getting through security, unless you’re off to the clubhouse or polo club. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place, another vision of lush greenness rising out of the sand. The polo pitch is also incredibly green: and huge! We settled down at a table on a divine terrace overlooking the pitch, and got down to what we do best: quaffing chilled white wine and eating our own bodyweight in delicious food. As ever, with Dubai brunches, the choice was excellent (I gave the goat a miss) and it was just another of those perfect: “This is why I live in Dubai" moments.

After a fair few hours of stuffing our faces the serious business began: polo. It was actually the first day of a big polo event: The Gold Cup. Not to do this a disservice, but we really didn’t care, just the fact that there were so many beautiful polo ponies to look at…and the men riding them were also quite easy on the eye.

It’s a fast, exciting game: we were gripped. There were heaps of photographers there from various OK/Hello style publications who did manage to distract us for a few minutes at a time, but in the main, we were completely hooked. I’m not sure which team won, but for us that really wasn’t the point. The location, atmosphere, entertainment, and of course, company, really did make it a perfect day. The next challenge is to fit in another visit before the season ends…watch this space!

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