Friday, March 12, 2010

Heat Watch

Another week where I've been deathly quiet on the blog front - mainly because, yet again, deathly busy at work. What's a girl to do? I'm actually typing this whilst working the weekend: eurgh. Although to be honest, I'm in one of those great moods that even working the weekend can't erase.

It's a beautiful day here in Dubai - like 360 days of the year it's clear blue skies, sunshine, and warming up very nicely. I have mixed feelings about his - on the one hand, I do love the heat, and nothing says the weekend like two days spent on the beach. But very soon it's going to be back to unbearable temperatures...constant clamminess, and our favourite outdoor venues closed for the best part of five months. Boo!

I'm not sure exactly how hot it is but I've developed a pretty good personal thermometer - I reckon it’s 34 plus today. My actual digital thermometer gave up the ghost a few weeks ago so I'll be sorting new batteries for it soon so that I can get back onto Temperature Watch. Yes, I know I'm sad....

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