Thursday, April 01, 2010


Went to apply for my Syrian visa this morning. As ever with these places, just finding the embassy is a challenge in itself. It doesn’t have a decent website, so you have to rely on Google and ExpatWoman to lead you there. Amazingly, our botched directions managed to get us there, in just a twenty minute journey from downtown. We were actually early, so queued up outside (in the 27 degree heat, nice) and waited patiently for it to open.
In true Dubai fashion we got talking to a lovely Syrian girl in the queue next to us, who gave us all sorts of travel tips whilst we waited.

In we went when the door opened, queued up, took a ticket (in manner of a UK butcher’s!) and waited for our turn. We were second! And, as we were the only western women in the building, we definitely experienced service with a smile. We were even given a variety of Syrian tourist brochures to take away with us.

The smiling young man who served us was very interested in whether or not we had friends in Syria. He also has our phone numbers…hmmm!

Hate being without my passport. Will be glad to get it back on Sunday.


Dubai Jazz said...

Our consulate here is an embarrassment to Syrian hospitality. I'm glad you're visiting Damascus, hope you enjoy it!

KH said...

Thank you so much for all your travel tips!