Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Worm

We’ve started a Book Club at work. Not a traditional one where everyone reads the same book and discusses it, but a get together once a month where we all sit and share a book which we’ve just read. As a voracious reader (at least a book a week quite often two) borne partly out of insomnia, I’m always keen to hear about anything interesting that I can get my hands on. We keep all the books in my office after our chats so people can dip in and out of them.

It’s absolutely fascinating (and quite enlightening) hearing what people have been reading. Today just some of the books discussed were: Shantaram, Petite Anglaise (mine) and the Kite Runner.

I was suitably impressed when one of my lovely team explained at length the book on time management that she was reading. And she really was, she’s a very diligent young lady. Perhaps I should consider my usual favourite style of book (bonk-buster) if I want to continue to share novels with my team...

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