Monday, April 19, 2010

I Can Make You....Zzzzzzz

I can’t tell you how amazing I feel today. Full of energy. Re-vitalised. A real spring in my step. Have I won the lottery? Found a way to never work again whilst still taking home a top salary and still having intellectual stimulation? Sadly, no. The answer is simple. I had a good night’s sleep. 
Until I actually had a good night's sleep I hadn't realised how horrific life was without it.  It's a bit like living with pain.  A few years ago I slipped a disc in my back and it took me a week or so to get to the physio.  It was only when she magically tweaked and accupunctured my back, removing all the pain, that I realised how debilitating it is to live with constant pain like that.  And that's how it is with sleep.  I've been averaging about 4 hours a night for as long as I can remember.

So how did I do it?  Paul McKenna.  The lovely V brought me his"I Can Make You Sleep" book at the weekend, with accompanying CD. which I duly loaded onto my i-pod.  The first time I listened to it I did have a little snigger (it is reminiscent of the hypnotist from Little Britain: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes) but any laughter was short-lived, as after no more than eight minutes each time I've been sent off to the land of nod.

The irony is that she actually brought the wrong cd, but somehow listening to his extremely soothing voice has worked anyway.  The cd that she's given me is "I Can MakeYour Life Amazing" so hopefully this will have some additional benefits too!

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