Monday, October 18, 2010

God Save Our....

When I lived in the UK I was never much of a royalist.  I obviously had the usual crush on Prince William (before hair loss), and sometimes imagined life as a princess (more helicopters and haute couture than bulimia and adultery, let's be clear), but that's as far as it went.  Yet I'm excited by the news that the Queen is visiting the UAE next month. 

The last time she visited was 1979, when she apparently 'inaugurated the new Dubai Municipality building.'  I just love the photos from that visit.  Needless to say, much has changed since then, both in the political/economic and quite literal landscape.  Back in 1979 Dubai was a cloud of dust and a mountain of ambition and hope.  So in some ways, things have stayed the same.

She's heading to Abu Dhabi (the mythical setting of the dire Sex and the City 2, will she notice?) before going to Oman.  Sadly this does not coincide with my trip to Oman, when I'll be checking into the Chedi for a weekend.  Jealous much?

I'm keen to see the Queen, and not just for the opportunities for international press coverage for myself and the inner circle (imagine us brandishing Land of Hope and Glory banners in the background of the news clips!).  Much as I have little interest in living in the UK, I'm very grateful for what its given me, not least a British passport, which allows me access to pretty much any country in the world without hassle or visas.... Liz, keep an eye out for us....

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