Monday, October 18, 2010

Take Note, Tony, David.....

I absolutely LOVE this recent post from one of my favourite bloggers.  Sheikh Mohammed is nothing short of a legend here and we all follow him eagerly on Facebook.  We also live in hope of bumping into him on our daily adventures around the city - it's well known that he drives himself around in the car pictured cool?!

Everyone has a great story about seeing him (or just missing him).  There was the  time that he rocked up to Shoreside, our favourite beach club, on one of the very rare days that we weren't there - you could hear our cries of disbelief from Jebel Ali, I'm sure.

And then there was the time that A and E bumped into him in Dubai Mall, complete with enormous entourage (him not them), as he swished past them and went down an escalator.  Not only this, but when he noticed A and E's excited giggling, screaming, pointing and waving, he stopped in his tracks.  Beaming from ear to ear, he asked:  "Are you sisters?".

Too excited to speak, A and E giggled, screamed, pointed and waved some more, as he disappeared down the aforementioned escalator.  Apparently he had quite a chuckle to himself as he went , and waved back at the girls all the way down.  Top man.

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Mrs Dubai said...

That's so lovely!! What a great guy!